Why love yourself and the earth? 

Madame Dahlia aims to empower everybody with their sexual well-being. We believe everyone can feel sexy and enjoy a healthy relationship with their bodies.

All our products and lingerie are ethically sourced. 

At Madame Dahlia we always operate with people and mother earth at the forefront of our minds. Our goal is to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible. We want to tread lightly on our planet and show her the respect she deserves. It is our vision and mission to provide you with ethical, earth conscious products that are also beautiful, well made and sexy.

Our sustainability mission is a journey, in which we strive for the best possible ethical practises.  We know our customers are also looking to make a difference, therefore we encourage your feedback. Let’s make a difference together.

Why use a Borosilicate glass dildo?

Our dildos and yoni eggs are made from borosilicate glass. Our glass is sourced and produced ethically. Glass is a natural material, the production of which has a minimal impact on the environment as it lasts forever.  Glass is also a recyclable material and can be repurposed into other products. 

Borosilicate glass is a unique type of glass which incorporates two chemicals.  These chemicals are safe and environmentally-friendly. Borosilicate glass is more heat resistant than other forms of glass. 

What makes our fabrics and materials sustainable?

We have carefully selected lingerie which is made ethically with minimal environmental impact. Our lingerie is upcycled, meaning that it is carefully sourced from off-cut fabrics, end of lines, deadstock and vintage trimmings. These items are then turned into something beautiful. Our lingerie is made in Italy and Germany in small batches, often handmade. All items in the ranges are made by family or female makers who strive to steer away from mass produced mediocracy. 

Why our packaging is environmentally friendly?

Our products are packaged in a reusable, GOTS certified, 100% cotton bag and recycled cardboard boxes. We post our items in compostable bags.

Repair Service

As a part of our sustainability mission we offer a repair service with our lingerie. If your lingerie purchased through Madame Dahlia (outside of its warranty period) has some fixable wear and tear please email for instructions on how to send your delicate item back for repair. 

Dildo Recycling Program

At Madame Dahlia we offer a dildo recycling program. If you happen to break your dildo (we hope you don’t and have it forever but accidents can happen), we ask you send it back to us and will send it to the correct recycling facility. Please contact  and we will send you the return instructions.