Butt Plug

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Our stunning glass butt plug is perfect for safe anal play. It has a smooth tapered tip for gentle and easy insertion. It also has a narrow neck which allows the anus to relax after insertion and is the perfect size to explore anal play for first timers. 

This can be used for solo or partner play in stimulating the prostate gland, anal exploration or for creating a filling sensation to enhance deep orgasms and sexual stimulation. 

Always use our anal toys with plenty of lube, making insertion smooth sailing and leading to a deeply satisfying sexual experience. 

3.5cm widest circumference  x 2cm smallest circumference x 8cm tall

Made from the highest-grade borosilicate unique pink glass

Butt plug stopper for safe anal play

BPA Free

Body-safe and hypoallergenic

Packaged in a GOTS certified cotton bag

Discreetly packaged for delivery

Can be heated or cooled

Non porous and easy to clean

Please clean in warm non-toxic soapy water with a splash of apple cider vinegar before and after use

Always consult with your medical professional before using your glass dildo if you have a prior condition

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