Madame Dahlia X Bridget Scholes Sexology




Madame Dahlia is co-founded by qualified sexolgoist and educator, Bridget Scholes. As a sexologist, Bridget believes our sexuality and sexual health is an integral part of who we are. She is passionate about sexual well being and can help you on your journey of sexual discovery. 

Bridget works with couples and individuals in these areas:

• Difficulty reaching orgasm
• Mismatched libido
• Low sexual desire
• Navigating non monogamous relationships
• Cultivating sexual desire
• Sexual confidence
• Understanding pleasure
• Boundaries
• Consent
• Casual Sex
• Sexual Shame
• Painful sex
• GPPPD (female genital pelvic pain disorder)
• Premature ejaculation
• Delayed ejaculation
• Understanding kink

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