About Madame Dahlia

'A true hedonist, she is sexy and interested in sexual expression, pleasure and self love'

At Madame Dahlia we think everyone should celebrate what they’ve got, love every bit of what our ‘mumma’ gave us and feel a deeper sexual connection to ourselves.

Sex and self pleasure is something to be celebrated, enjoyed and explored! We are out to challenge the way we think, feel and talk about our sexuality and to provide the tips and tools for true sexual awakening.

What we put on and in our bodies is important to us, we want to respect and worship what we have, so at Madame Dahlia all of our products are sourced ethically and have a strong environmental thread.

We offer beautiful environmentally friendly, ethically produced dildos and an array of juicy treats for those who want to wet their whistle (pardon the pun) and explore deeper sexual pleasure.

Our eco friendly lingerie collections are created from sustainable fabrics and made in Italy & Germany.  These romantic and environmentally-safe collections are made with pre-consumer nylon, recycled polyamide and recycled elastane. The pieces we've selected are soft, sexy, elegant and so much better for our planet #lookgooddogood