The Rachel

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This exquisite slipper shaped dildo with sensual pleasure bumps is designed to engorge the g spot and can help women facilitate the art of female ejaculation aka squirting. 

The Rachel can be used on its own or together with your partner. With a curled handle for ease of use this glass dildo is sure to delight.

Our Rachel comes with a how to guide and care instructions. 

15cm long x 2.5cm thick x 3.5cm wide

Made from the highest-grade borosilicate unique pink glass

BPA Free

Body-safe and hypoallergenic

Packaged in a GOTS certified cotton bag

Discreetly packaged for delivery

Can be heated or cooled

Non porous and easy to clean

Please clean in warm non-toxic soapy water with a splash of apple cider vinegar before and after use

Always consult with your medical professional before using your glass dildo if you have a prior condition

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