Achieving the big “O” and the different types of orgasms we can experience

Having an orgasm is always a bonus in a sexual experience, but for some, achieving an orgasm can be difficult and stressful. Instead of expecting every sexual experience to reach a pinnacle or climax (the big O), think of them as encompassing the full erotic experience. 

Learn to enjoy the lead up, the foreplay, the tease and the erotic for a full sensual experience. Doing this will lessen the performance pressure during self-pleasuring through masturbation or with a partner. Who knows – relieving the pressure and forgetting about achieving the big O, might allow you to enjoy a different form of orgasm – one you may not have experienced before.

Here we take a look at a few different sorts of orgasms that as women we can experience. Some of them may surprise you and can be achieved through slow sexual practice and mindful sensual experiences. 

Clitoral orgasm

This common form of orgasm for women is achieved from direct stimulation of the clitoris (either manually, when stroked, rubbed or grinded against something), or when using a vibrator. There are a variety of ways to bring on clitoral orgasms, including tapping, pulsing, rubbing or using hot and cold stimulation. You may like it fast or super slow, directly pin pointed or dispersed stimulation…or being teased around the clitoral area. By experimenting on your own, you can discover how you like your clitoris to be touched. Then, when playing with your partner you can explain (and show) what works best for you to achieve a clitoral orgasm.

Cervical orgasm

A cervical orgasm is usually achieved through penetration deep enough to reach the cervix. Our longer glass wands, like the Madame Dahlia 'Brigette' or 'Charlie', can reach the cervix more easily. And, straddling your partner while on top, and grinding down during sex, can also help bring on a deeper cervical orgasm through penetration.

G-Spot orgasm

This is a widely-controversial topic. Is there a G-spot? Where is the G-spot? What does the G-spot feel like?

According to many specialists, the G-spot is on the front, inside wall of the vagina – but it’s exact location varies from woman to woman. All vaginas aren’t created equal and like our finger prints – our vaginas are different and totally unique. A G-spot orgasm can be reached more easily with a partner by engaging in ‘doggy style’ sexual positions! And, our ‘Rachel’ wand can help engorge the front wall of the vagina, and help achieve those mythical G-spot orgasms.

Nipple orgasm

Yes, you read that right - you can achieve orgasms through nipple play. While we all know that sexual experience can be heightened with nipple play, perhaps you didn’t know that when you are feeling sexually charged, this can result in nipple orgasms. Researchers have discovered that nipple stimulation activates an area of the brain called the genital sensory cortex – the same area activated during vaginal orgasm!!

Multiple orgasms

Multiple orgasms are orgasms that occur in rapid succession or with pauses in between. You may achieve an orgasm during foreplay when the tease just gets too much. But don’t despair… the show doesn’t have to be over just yet. You can rebuild the tension and achieve another or multiple orgasms in one session!!

Fantasy orgasm

Don’t forget the largest sexual organ in your body is your brain!! A fantasy orgasm can happen when you are asleep and is formally known as a nocturnal emission, or a more commonly known as “wet dream”, "sex dream" or "sleep orgasm". These orgasms can happen as a result of your imagination without any physical touching. Fantasy orgasms can occur when watching sexual or pornographic material, reading erotic novels, short stories, simply using your imagination or engaging in sexy talk with your partner.

Anal orgasm

Both women and men can experience anal orgasms. For women this occurs through indirect stimulation vagina wall (via the anal wall). If you enjoy anal stimulation our Madame Dahlia ‘Charlie’ wand has an anal plug you can use in conjunction with other forms of penetration or stimulation to achieve a mind blowing anal or blended orgasm.

Blended/mixed orgasm

This happens when more than one sexual area is being stimulated at the same time and can be a mind blowing, toe curling experience! For example you can achieve a combined clitoral and vaginal/anal orgasm.

So you sexy things, there is much to explore and look forward to in trying all these ways to experience orgasms. Remember, it is not a race to the big O. It’s all about discovering what sexual experiences are right for you!